calculus II

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Given the series `sum_(n=1)^(oo) (1/(n+1)-1/(n+2))^n ` :

This series is absolutely convergent by the ratio test.

`sum a_n ` converges absolutely if ` ``lim_(n->oo) |a_(n+1)/a_n|<1 ` :

Rewrite the summand as ` ``(1/((n+1)(n+2)))^n ` ; then `a_(n+1)=(1/((n+2)(n+3)))^(n+1) ` .

`(1/((n+2)(n+3)))^(n+1)/(1/((n+1)(n+2)))^n `



`lim_(n->oo)((n+1)/(n+3))^n*1/((n+2)(n+3))<1 `

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