Calculate the theoretical number of moles of HCl equivalent to 1 mole of NaHCO3 and CaCO3

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When HCl reacts with NaHCO3 and CaCO3, water, carbon dioxide and the salts will be produced. The chemical reaction can be written as:

`HCl + NaHCO_3 -> NaCl + H_2O + CO_2`

`2 HCl + CaCO_3 -> CaCl_2+ H_2O + CO_2`


In order to answer the question, we need to consider the balanced chemical equation written above. 

For `NaHCO_3` :

1 mole of `NaHCO_3` is equivalent to 1 mole HCl. 
answer: 1 mole of HCl

For `CaCO_3` :

1 mole of `CaCO_3` needs 2 moles of HCl for complete reaction.
Answer: 2 moles of HCl





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