Calculate the pressure of the gas in the globe when the piston(syringe body is attached to the globe) is pushed in ...... the end of the syringe body. In the g;obe volume of air is 700ml and the pressure of air is 50 KPa. Volume of air in the syringe body is 400ml.

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At the initial stage globe and syringe body is in one unit.the total volume of the unit is (700+400) = 1100ml and pressure is 50kpa.

When the piston pushed in the volume incorporated with the syringe body will be removed from the system.Finally the unit will remain with the volume of the globe(700ml) only.Since there is a change in the volume of the unit pressure will also be changed.


Using Boyle's law

`P_1V_1 = P_2V_2`

`50*1100 = P_2*700`

       `P_2 = 78.57kpa`


So the pressure of the final system will be 78.57kpa.



  • The gas is a ideal gas
  • There is no temperature change within the process


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