Calculate the molarity of NaOH if 25.0 grams of NaOH is dissolved in 0.750 L of solution  

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Molarity is the amount of moles of solute per volume of the solution. it can be expressed as:

`Molarity = (mol es of solute)/(Volume of the solution (L))`

Usually the unit is expressed in moles/L. 


25.0 grams NaOH 
0.750L solution


First, convert the given amount of NaOH from mass to moles and obtain the molarity by dividing it with the volume of the solution.

`25.0 grams NaOH * (1 mol e NaOH)/(39.9971 grams NaOH)`

`= 0.625 mol es NaOH`



`Molarity = (0.625 mol es NaOH)/(0.750 L)`

Molarity = 0.833 Molar or M or moles/L


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