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Calculate the mass of sulphur which when burned in excess oxygen produces 640g of sulphur dioxide.

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Solid sulfur, when burned in presence of oxygen, generates sulfur dioxide, as per the following balanced chemical equation:

`S(s) + O_2 (g) -> SO_2 (g)`

Here, 1 mole of sulfur reacts with 1 mole of oxygen to produce 1 mole of sulfur dioxide. 

The molar mass of sulfur is 32 g/mol, oxygen is 16 g/mol and sulfur dioxide is 64 g/mol. 

640 g of sulfur dioxide is produced here, or 10 moles (= 640 g/(64 g/mol)) of sulfur dioxide has been produced here.

Using stoichiometry, 10 moles of solid sulfur are required to produced 10 moles of sulfur dioxide. 

or, 320 g (= 10 moles x 32 g/mol) of solid sulfur are needed.

We can also write, 320 g of sulfur, when burned in excess oxygen, produces 640 g of sulfur dioxide.

Hope this helps. 

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