Calculate the height of cliff. Ignore air resistance.A stunt car in a movie drives horizontally off a cliff at 26.2m/s and lands 42.5m from the base of the cliff.

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jeew-m eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Using the horizontal movement;

`rarr S = Ut + 1/2at^2`

Since there is no acceleration in the horizontal direction;

`S = Ut`

`42.5 = 26.2*t`

     ` t = 1.622 `


For the vertical movement(under gravity);

`uarr S = Ut+1/2at^2`

`S = 0+1/2*9.81*1.622^2`

`S = 12.9m`


So the height of the clip is 12.9m.



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