Calculate the concentration, in mol/L, for a 55.5% solution of Mgcl2 that has a density of 1.35 g/ml?

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jeew-m eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let us consider a volume of 1L `MgCl_2` solution.

Mass of the solution `= 1000xx1.35 = 1350g`


It is given that the mass percentage of `MgCl_2` is 55.5%

Mass of `MgCl_2 = 1350xx55.5% = 749.25g`


Molecular mass of `MgCl_2 = 95.211g/mol`


Number of `MgCl_2 ` moles in the solution `= 749.25/95.211 = 7.87mol`


So we have 7.87moles in 1L solution.

Concentration of `MgCl_2` is 7.87M.