Calculate the aqueous solubility of Ca(OH)2 in grams per liter. [`Ksp = 8.0xx 10^(-6)` ]

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`Ca(OH)_2 harr Ca^(2+)+2OH^(-)`


If the solubility of `Ca(OH)_2` is xM then in the equilibrium solution we have;

`[Ca^(2+)] = x`

`[OH^-] = 2x`


`K_(sp) = [Ca^(2+)][OH^-]^2`

`8xx10^(-6) = x(2x)^2`

`8xx10^(-6) = 4x^3`

`x = 1.26xx10^(-2)`


Molar mass of `Ca(OH)_2` = 74g/mol


Solubility of `Ca(OH)_2 = 74xx1.26xx10^(-2) = 0.93g/L`


So the solubility of `Ca(OH)_2 ` is `0.93g/L`

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