Calculate the amount of work done when a sleigh is pulled 50 m by a force of 30 N applied at an angle of 30 degrees with the ground.   Could someone explain this question, why use horizontal or vertical component formula to find how much work is done?   Thank you!  

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You need to use the work equation to find the work done such that:

`W = F*d*` cos(angle made by direction of force to x axis)

The problem provides the force F = 30N, the displacement d = 50 m and the angle between force and displacement `alpha = 30^o` , hence you may substitute these values in work equation such that:

`W = 30*50*cos30^o`

`W = 1500*sqrt3/2`

`W~~ 1299J`

Hence, evaluating the amount of work done under given conditions yields `W ~~ 1299 J` .

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