C4H8(I) + 6 02(g) spark 4 C02(g) + heat Does anyone know what kind of chemical reaction this is I thought it was combustion Type 2 : incomplete???  

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You have the following equation written above:

C4H8 + 6O2 --spark--> 4CO2 + heat

But this is not a balanced chemical equation.  There is no hydrogen on the product side and there must be to balance out the hydrogen on the reactant side.  C4H8 is n-butene (where "n" symbolizes the location of the carbon-carbon double bond) and this is an equation for the combustion of n-butene.  The products are CO2 and H2O.  The hydrogen in the water balances out the hydrogens on the right hand side.  The complete balanced equation is as follows:

C4H8 + 6O2 ---spark--->  4CO2 + 4H2O + heat

This is the equation for the complete combustion of n-butene.  Complete combustion produces only CO2, H2O, and heat as the products.  Incomplete combustion produces some CO as a byproduct.

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Well this kind of reaction is combustion.

C4H8 + 6O2 --spark--> 4CO2 + 4 H2O + heat .

∆H° =  - 3248 KJ       /  EXOTHERMIC REACTION

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