By use of precise examples, show how mussolini's foreign policies contributed both to the succes and downfall of fascism in italy

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Benito Mussolini greatly contributed to the rise of fascism in Italy and Europe as a whole, one of the major ways he promoted his fascist ideology was through nostalgia for past glories.  Italy was the birthplace of the Roman Empire and he sought to create a new Roman empire in contemporary Italy. This would serve as a way to boost nationalist pride as well as help cement his political power. In contravention to international law and the League of Nations, Mussolini invaded and occupied both Ethiopia and Albania. This initially increased his domestic popularity and prestige but resulted in Italy being branded a rogue state on the international scene. However the foreign policy move which eventually sealed Mussolini’s fate was his decision to ally his country with Nazi Germany and Japan (Axis Powers) during the Second World War. This led to his downfall as the Allied Powers (USA, USSR, British Empire) declared war on Italy and helped dislodge and defeat the Mussolini’s regime. 

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