By selling an article at 10% discount of the marked price, a shop still makes 20% profit. If the cost price of the article is $19800, then the marked price is ………..?

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jeew-m eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is given that the cost price of article is $19800.

By selling the article the shop makes 20% profit.

This means if the shop earns $100 for an article by selling then the cost price of article is $80.

The price of the sold article `= 19800/80xx100 = $24750`

This $24750 refers to the 10% discount of marked price.

This means if the price of article is $100 then the selling price is $90.

Marked price `= 24750/90xx100 = $27500`

So the marked price of the article is $27500.

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