Identify and describe at least four IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) tools that Tourism Australia used for the "Best Job in the World” promotional campaign (2009).

Expert Answers
gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The various IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) tools used by Tourism Australia for "The Best Job in the World" campaign are:

1) News Programming: The media was courted by Tourism Australia and captivated by the attractive island and its videos; the news was aired by news channels.

2) Print media advertisements: In an associated strategy, print media advertisements were placed for the caretaker's job in the Classified and Employment sections of newspapers.

3) Online advertisements postings: Similar advertisements were also placed on online job websites.

4) Social media campaign: This job vacancy was highlighted and discussed and spread online through social media sites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Working in concert, all these IMC tools garnered the public's attention throughout the world as evidenced by the high unique visitor traffic and page view numbers as well as time-on-site stats.