By chapter 12, "Fish Eyes," we are introduced to Shawn's abuse of Westover and the other women in his life, which recurs throughout the book. When Westover starts crying from the pain, not from Shawn hurting her, and that she sees herself as "unbreakable." She also writes that his abuse not affecting her "was its effect." Why is this insight important?

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Despite the close bond between brother and sister, Shawn starts acting abusively towards Tara, both physically and mentally. A prime example comes in chapter 12 of Educated , "Fish Eyes". One night, Shawn demands that Tara bring him a glass of water. When she answers back by asking him if he has a broken leg, Shawn further demands that she apologize for her insolence. When she refuses, Shawn physically assaults her, grabbing Tara by the hair and dragging her...

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