By 1914, the ottoman empire had...

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It sounds like you'd like to know the history of the Ottoman Empire prior to 1914.

The Ottoman Empire was on the rise as of 1299 and kept up this trend until 1566. The Empire expanded its territory and established governance in these new areas. The Ottoman Empire led to the spread of Islam which posed a threat to European Christendom. They were able to expand into Italy and although their campaign was short-lived, they succeeded in communicating their intentions to the European powers.

The Ottoman Empire took over Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul situated in modern day Turkey. The Empire continued to grow and this led to blockades of the European shipping and trading lines spanning three continents.

The Ottomans faced considerable challenges and in fighting in the 1680s, which saw them lose territories to German and Polish forces. By early 1800s the Ottoman Empire was declining rapidly because of European pressure to capture territories under the then struggling Empire.

The Empire started a gradual process of modernization by recognizing the populations’ freedoms. In 1912, the Ottoman Empire lost in the Balkan Wars, leading to loses of almost all the European territories and carved out the western boundary of modern day Turkey.

In summary, the Ottoman Empire had gone through the natural phases of growth and decline by 1914. The Empire suffered challenges related to the size of the territory under its control, which saw the Empire fall like others before it.

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