As the business manager, you want to replace the existing copier because you have received numerous complaints from the staff. Are you going to buy a copier or lease one?

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The best way to answer this question is to do a cost benefit analysis. This basically means that you want to see what is a better use of finances. In this instance, will you save more money by leasing or buying a copier. To come to an answer, you would want to know three things in this situation. First, you need to know the cost of old printer and how long it lasted without complaints. Also what is good to know is how much money you put into it to fix. Second, you would also need to know the price for leasing a comparable printer and what services it comes with. In other words, will they fix it for free? Does it come with some sort of warranty? Third, you would also want to know how much a new printer costs. Also it would be helpful to know what type of warranty it comes with. Based on these figures, you will be able to make an educated decision.

Some other points of information that might help is: How often do people use the printer? How much do they use of the printer.

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