What is the setting of The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan? 

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Burning Bridge is a fantasy novel that takes place in an imaginary place called the Kingdom of Araluen, a medieval-like country similar to Scotland. 

The main character, Will, is from Castle Redmont where he lives in a small cottage surrounded by trees.  The community is very primitive, with wood coal-burning stoves and medieval weapons.  They travel with horses and wear cloaks.

Will learns how to be a ranger in Battleschool,  At the time of this book, the second book of the series, there is a war with the evil Morgarath. 

After sixteen years of relative peace, people are growing complacent.  Not the Rangers of course, but the village people who provide men-at-arms for our army, and even some of the barons and Battlemasters in remove fifes to the North. (p. 14)

During their travels, Will and his friend Horace go to the Fissure, where they are supposed to stop the miners, who are trying to build a bridge across the deep ravine.  Will and his new friend Evelyn are captured and sent to Skandia.

Skandia is kind of like Scandinavia in our world.  It is on the border of Araluen and full of ice, trees and snow.  This is significant because Will has to labor outside while he is a prisoner.  Then he and Evelyn get away and hide in a cabin in the woods.