In Buried Onions, what did Mr. Stiles do at the end of Chapter 6?

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At the end of Chapter 6, Mr. Stiles turns Eddie in to the police.

Eddie had worked for Mr. Stiles a few times, and had earned his trust. One day, Mr. Stiles had given him the keys to his truck and instructed him to deliver some items to the dump. Eddie had done his job as instructed, but had stopped off at his house on the way home to drop off a refrigerator he had salvaged from the dump. During the few minutes that he had been in the house, someone, most likely Angel, had stolen the truck from the front of his house.

Later, Eddie had found the truck outside a restaurant, and, at the urging of his friend Jose, had called Mr. Stiles and told him where to pick it up. After a few days, Mr. Stiles and Eddie had talked; Mr. Stiles had said he had forgiven Eddie, and asked him to come work for him again. When Eddie shows up at Mr. Stiles' house, the old man is very nervous, and seems to want to say something to Eddie, but he never does. The next thing Eddie knows, the police arrive. Apparently, Mr. Stiles' truck had been used in a robbery at a laundromat in which an old man had been brutally beaten. Since Eddie had been in possession of the truck before it had purportedly been stolen, he is a suspect, and Mr. Stiles has lured him to his house with the promise of work, and turned him in.

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