Thee bulk of the tissue of a muscle tends to lie at what part of the body it causes to move?

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You have three types of muscle tissue skeletal,smooth, and cardiac. I sense from your question that you are asking about skeletal muscle. Body movement is controlled by voluntary muscles which attach to bones. When we move the bone pulls or pushes the muscle. Two terms relevant to muscles are origin and insertion. The origin of the muscle is closes to the more fixed area and the insertion of the muscle is attached to the more movable part. For example, the upper arm muscle, the biceps brachii lies over the humerus bone which is the bone of the upper arm right under the shoulder. The origin of the biceps brachii muscle is in the shoulder(more fixed part) and the insertion is in the forearm and antecubital space(front bend of the elbow). Muscles are classified as a prime mover(does most of the work) antagonists(has an opposite action of the prime mover) and also synergistic muscles that assist in movement. The synergistic muscle for the biceps brachii is the brachialis.

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