building is 50cm long 38cm wide and 225cm tall on the model 1 centimeter represents 2.5 meters how tall is the actual building in meters?

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The building model is :

50 cm long.

38 cm wide.

225 cm tall.

1 cm represent 2.5 meters


1 cm represent 250 cm.   (1 meter = 100 cm.)

Then the actual building is 250 times the model building:

Then the actual building is:

50*250 = 12500 cm= 125 m long

38*250=  9500 cm= 95 m wide

225*250 = 56250 cm = 562.5 m tall

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The question is to determine the actual height of the building.

The height inthe model is 225cm. And the scale is 1cm to represent 2.5meter.

So the proportion is  2.5m/1cm = H meter/225 cm, where H is the actual height of the building.

So H meter = (2.5meter/1cm) 225cm

= 2.5*225 meter

= 562.5 meter.

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To know how tall the building is we only need to know the how tall the model is in centimeters, and the scale in terms of meters per centimeter. This will give us the height in meters.


Height of model = 225 cm

Scale in Meters per centimeters = 2.5


Actual building height = (Model Height) x (Scale)

= 225 x 2.5 = 562.5 meters


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