Build some links between the raven and the speaker. What are the points they have in common?

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The Raven, like the author, has decided to remain in one place in time where nothing could change it again. The author decided to remain in a state of pain and nostalgia, just like the Raven decided to place itself in the "placid bust of Pallas just above his  chamber door", as in a sign to share such nostalgia with the author.

Both are in despair- The author is lingering, and thinking of his "radiant maiden, Lenore" while the Raven continuously "says" the words "nevermore" which is a direct indication of a feeling of helplessness.

Both the Raven and the Author are in a dark stage- One is "deep into the darkness" (the author), while the Raven itself is a dark, bird that is meant to bring on news of doom.

They are both basically lost in the dark and coldness of life. The author is lost within his own despair for Lenore, in a dark room in the month of December, while the Raven obviously does not know where it is going and, instead of following birds just as itself, prefers to land in a dark and cold chamber with the author as if, in the end, they were all each other had.

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