In "To Build a Fire," if you were the dog what would be your point of view?

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Concerning the dog's point of view in London's "To Build a Fire," the question isn't as unusual as it may seem, since London was quite fond of writing stories from a dog's point of view.  Also, this is the kind of question that gets you to think about the story and what the dog sees, but there really isn't a correct or incorrect answer.  You can probably write anything that is serious and thoughtful and do just fine.

With that in mind, I'll suggest some ideas and ask some questions that you can keep in mind if you like:

  • As London would write the story, the dog would probably make value judgments about the kind of master the man in the story is.  Is the man gentle and kind, or does he beat the dog any chance he gets?
  • Does the dog see the man as knowing what he is up against?  Does the...

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