How do you build 4 equilateral triangles from 6 sticks? I've tried but the result is always the same! I can only get 3 equilateral triangles! Please help

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make a square with 4 of the sticks and then make an X in the middle with the other 2.


It's like folding a square piece of paper into 4 equilateral triangles

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Because you've tried to build them in plane, two dimensional space (on a table or another plane surface). The secret is to build in space (three dimensional space) and to realise a tetrahedron which has 4 faces. If you count the edges (in your case, sticks), you will find that there are 6! Try it!

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You are probably trying to make it a 2d shape the end shape should be a tetrahedron which is a 3d shape, so you would have to glue and stuff.

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you have to make a tetrahedron.  a tetrahedron is a pyramid that has 6 edges and 4 vertices. just in case you didn't know that.  i had it for the question of the week in my 12th grade class, i zipped through it and turned it in the first time that i could.  it seemed easy because i was in 12th grade and i was the best person in my class at math.  i had to wait until Friday to find out and i did.  my teacher announced who won and to my surprise, i actually got it right.  it works really good.  i tried it and it was definitely right.

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Firstly, use all these sticks to make the edges of a tetrahedron figure.

Then, use three of the similar sticks to make a equilateral triangle.

Later, attack sticks to each  corner of the triangular face. Join them up, glue them together securely, so the sticks meet at their ends.

Presto, you create a tetrahedron, a pyramid with four faces, with four equilateral triangles with just six sticks.

An another easier method, too easy I say, is to follow what Croons 101 say, and just create a square with 4 of the sticks , and make other two sticks as diagonals of the square. Yoiu will still get the same result, but this method is not challenging enough.

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