In bud not buddy who did he receive his first saxophone from?

Expert Answers
teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Bud Not Buddy, Bud receives his first saxophone from the members of the band. The Dusky Devastators of The Depression band members had pooled their money together to purchase the baby-sized alto-sax for Bud. Steady Eddie tells Bud that although there is rust in the seams and a dent in the bottom part of the saxophone, the instrument still sounds good because Eddie 'repadded, refelted, and resprung it.' Eddie then tells Bud to get a cloth to polish his saxophone because a 'man should polish his own horn.'

Bud is ecstatic to finally have his own saxophone; he tells the band members that he will practice so hard that he will be just as good as any of them in three weeks. Steady Eddie tells Bud that he will be by later to give Bud his first lessons. After some joking around, the group part ways. Bud goes back to the room that used to belong to his mother, puts his sax on the bed, and sets up the smiling picture of his mother on the dressing table.