In Bud, Not Buddy, what did Bud do to Todd and why did he do it?

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In Chapter 2, Todd Amos is beating up Bud when Mrs. Amos walks into the bedroom. Todd lies to his mother and fakes an asthma attack. Todd points to Bud's hand mark on his face, and Todd's parents make Bud sleep in the ominous looking shed. After Bud escapes a swarm of attacking hornets in the shed, he sneaks back into the Amos' house to get revenge on Todd. Bud quietly fills a glass with warm water and sneaks into Todd's room while he is asleep. Bud puts Todd's fingers in the glass and hopes that it will make Todd pee his bed. This doesn't work, and Bud decides to pour water over Todd's hand to get him to pee the bed. After another failed attempt to make Todd pee, Bud pours the warm water on Todd's pajama pants. Bud's final attempt is a success, and Todd Amos pees his bed. Todd had accused Bud of looking like a bed-wetter in front of Mrs. Amos earlier, which embarrassed Bud. Bud understands how embarrassing it is to be labeled a bed-wetter, and he decides to seek revenge on Todd for sticking a pencil up his nose, beating him up, calling him Buddy, and lying to Mrs. Amos who made Bud sleep in the shed.

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