In Bud, Not Buddy, do you think the band members are prejudiced against white people? Why or why not?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 18, Thug jokingly comments that he is offended that Dirty Deed is in the band because he is not the most talented piano player and he doesn't have the most charming personality. Thug mentions that the only reason Dirty Deed is in the band is because he is white. Dirty Deed says that he doesn't care how Thug feels because he is not going to give up the best gig in the state, especially in the midst of a depression. Steady Eddie explains to Bud that Herman Calloway always has to keep a white person in the band because it is against the law for a Negro to own property and white people won't hire a Negro band. Herman keeps the Log Cabin in Dirty Deed's name, and Deed goes out and sets up all the shows beforehand. I feel that the band members are not prejudiced against white people because Thug is simply joking with Dirty Deed like he always does, and Steady Eddie comments, "we don't hold his skin color against him, he can't help that he was born that way" (Curtis 205). The band members are relatively friendly individuals, and Steady Eddie seems to understand that skin color does not affect one's personality. Herman's band also performs in front of white people often, and they also make most of their money from white people. If Herman's band were truly prejudiced, Dirty Deed would probably quit, and Steady Eddie would view Deed with contempt.