In Chapter 16 of Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis, how do Miss Thomas and the band make Bud feel welcome?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 16, Miss Thomas tells Bud that he was the topic of a very long conversation between Herman Calloway and the band. She says to Bud that they were talking about him and wanted to know if he was okay with staying at the Calloway residence for a while. Bud tells Miss Thomas that he is extremely happy and thankful for the invite to stay with them. Miss Thomas then encourages him to stay positive around Herman and tells Bud that she thinks he is a godsend. Steady Eddie then asks Bud if he is attached to his suitcase, and Bud mentions that he is only attached to the contents inside. Steady Eddie then gives Bud his old alto saxophone case to put his mother's items inside. Bud thanks Eddie for the case and Dirty Deed tells Bud that he's glad to have him on board. The band then begins to discuss their rigorous practice schedule and Steady Eddie gives Bud another gift. He tells Bud that the band got him a recorder and explains to Bud that it will take a lot of practice until he becomes a good musician. Thug then suggests that the band give Bud a nickname to make him an official member. The band decides that Bud's new nickname will be Sleepy LaBone. Miss Thomas and the band made Bud feel welcome by not only inviting him to stay at Herman's home, but also by giving him a case and an instrument to play. The band also made Bud feel like a part of their group by giving him the nickname Sleepy LaBone.