bud and nodebud is that from which leaves form

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At the tip of a stem, one can find a bud which is an undeveloped shoot. It gives rise to a shoot, or flowers. It can remain dormant until favorable conditions occur and then it will grow. A bud is capapble of rapid cell divisions when optimal conditions occur. Buds swell in spring, when sap starts to flow. Usually, the buds are dormant in winter. Many times, protective scales protect buds during colder temperatures. A terminal bud is at the tip of a stem. An axillary bud is at the axil of a leaf and adventitious is elsewhere on the trunk or roots. The word node refers to the place on a stem where a root, branch or leaf grows. Healing and regrowth occur at a plant's nodes.

nancy167 | Student

Bud is a bud that develops in the axil of a leaf of a plant. Axillary buds develop from the nodes which then becomes a new stem.

A node is the area of a plant's stem from which the leaves grow. It is important to be able to locate nodes when doing regular maintenance such as pruning. Nodes are the points on a stem where the buds, leaves, and branching twigs originate  

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