In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, discuss how Brutus can be considered a tragic hero.

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Though Shakespeare's play is called Julius Caesar, the main character is Brutus. He is the play's tragic hero.

Aristotle described the characteristics of a tragic hero. He must be a great man—a man of notable deeds or character, or both. Second, the tragic hero has to die. Last, the hero's death is his own fault, brought on by his poor judgment because of a tragic flaw in his character.

Brutus is a great man in Rome. Brutus is greatly admired; when Rome erupts in Civil War, there are many that follow Brutus because of the true caliber of man he is. He is not a man who openly complains; while he worries over the fate of Rome in the hands of Caesar, he keeps his own counsel. Brutus believes in doing the honorable thing, even if it means his death:

For let the gods so speed me as I love

The name of honor more than I fear death. (I.ii.94-95)


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