Bruno's mother does not think.To what extent do you believe that she is responsible for what happens?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you are right in suggesting that Bruno's mother plays a role in what happens.  She is complicit in some way.  I get that.  Yet, I  think that it might be a bit too harsh to simply declare that she "does not think."  She does express a great deal of reticence about what is happening.  She knows that what her husband does and what is happening is not something her children need to know or witness.  She understands this.  Yet, she operates within a context where there is little she can do.  She wishes to be supportive of her husband in her role as a wife and understands that there are limitations to this.  If she can be blamed, it would not be for the lack of thought.  Rather, she thought too much in making a "corrupt bargain."  This bargain is one in which she sacrifices too much in order for her supporting her husband.  She gives too much.  She knows what is happening and yet chooses to remain silent in showing support for her husband.  I don't think that she harbors Nazi sentiment, as evidenced with her discussions with Pavel as well as her general demeanor.  She understands what is happening, but knows that her role as wife is to support as best as she can her husband. It is here where fault can be assigned to her, as opposed to a lack of thinking.