If Brown is indeed a good man as he seems to be Goodman was a common title among Puritan why would he have agreed to his meeting in the woods with presumably Satan?

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That's the situational irony! A good man who believes in the Christian god like the Puritans did shouldn't be going out to meet Satan. However, it is even more ironic that he sees other town's folk meeting with Satan, too, which then pulls down his faith at the same time.  It can be argued that young Brown justifies his meeting because he will be back to his wife in the morning.  He's merely going to check things out, but he is a loyal husband and knows that he will still be loyal after this meeting.  Curiosity gets to us all, it seems, because he thought that he was in control of the situation, but is then very much disappointed and confused at what he discovers.  All of the people that he looks up to are there, and this challenges his own belief, which eventually takes away his faith in anyone or anything for the rest of his life. 

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