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Five years before the story begins, Daniel ran away to the mountain to escape from his apprenticeship to Amalek, a blacksmith in the village. Daniel lived with his grandmother, who found herself unable to support Daniel and his sister. When Daniel became old enough, Daniel's grandmother in a sense sold Daniel to be Amalek's apprentice for a specified number of years. Amalek was a cruel master, but that was not the only trauma in Daniel's life. The downward trajectory in Daniel's life began when his father was crucified by the Romans for trying to rescue Daniel's uncle from being enslaved by the Romans for not paying his taxes. After Daniel's father and uncle were both crucified for the attempted escape, Daniel's mother became very ill from grief. She passed away shortly after. Leah, Daniel's sister, became withdrawn and silent after that. Daniel burns with hatred toward the Romans because of how they have destroyed his family. After one particularly brutal beating from Amalek, Daniel ran away from the village to the mountain, where Rosh accepted him into his band. He cannot return to the village because he still owes his service to Amalek.

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