In The Bronze Bow, in what ways does Jesus appeal to Daniel in Chapter 15?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 15, Daniel begins to travel routinely to Capernaum in the mornings and nights the hear Jesus preach. Although Daniel does not always understand what Jesus is talking about, there is hope and promise in Jesus' messages which appeal to Daniel. Daniel enjoys traveling in the mornings to see Jesus because the scenery is alive and there is much anticipation to hear Jesus speak to the crowds. Daniel tells his sister that there is a stillness in Jesus' deep, steady voice which makes his messages unforgettable. He mentions that in the mornings when Jesus speaks, nothing seems impossible. Daniel believes that the kingdom of God is nearer whenever he listens to Jesus. He is not sure if Jesus has been training for an upcoming battle with the Romans, but Daniel knows that Jesus has the strength of God in him. Daniel does not fully understand Jesus' plans or his messages, which is why he continually returns to listen to Jesus speak. Jesus is an intriguing figure who appeals to Daniel, and Daniel wishes to unlock the secrets in Jesus' messages.