How did Rosh view Daniel, and how did Daniel's view of Rosh change?

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Rosh saved Daniel from dying of exposure after he ran away from his master. As the master's apprentice, Daniel was not permitted to travel without the master's permission. His master was abusive, and Daniel ran away before his apprenticeship was up. This act could have him arrested. Rosh raised Daniel and taught him much about fighting and surviving. Rosh wanted to throw the Romans from the country, and he needed an army of followers to achiever this goal. Daniel was to be one of his followers, which he was until he met Jesus and Simon. Both of these men showed Daniel how Rosh was hurting his fellow Jews by his raids, thievery, and violent actions. Simon urged Daniel to distance himself from Rosh. Jesus taught him that he needed to learn to love and forgive his enemies, the Romans who had killed his father and caused his mother to die of grief. When Daniel triedto pass on Jesus's advice to Rosh, Rosh threw him out of his band of followers.

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