In The Bronze Bow, what was the password Daniel and his friends used to talk about Romans?

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Daniel is no longer in the mountains serving with Rosh. He's accepted Simon's offer to stay in his house and tend to his forge while he's away following Jesus. But Daniel's still as passionate as ever about driving the Roman occupiers from his homeland. Just because he's no longer a member of Rosh's gang doesn't mean he's given up his subversive activities.

As well as working in the forge, then, Daniel's also conducting clandestine meetings with other zealots. In fact, Daniel takes a lead role in actively recruiting young men about his own age to take on the Romans. It's a highly dangerous activity; if the Romans get wind of what's happening, Daniel and the other young men are certain to be tortured and brutally executed. Under such circumstances, secrecy is absolutely essential.

So too is loyalty. The young men decide that the best way to bind themselves to each other is by devising a password, or code. The sign they use is a bow of bronze, which emphasizes not just their determination to drive out the Romans, but also their firm belief that they are doing God's work. The password comes from Psalms 18:34 which states

He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms. (KJV)

The King James Version uses "steel" instead of "bronze," but other versions do in fact use "bronze," which was more commonly used for weaponry in Judea at that time.

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Even though Daniel has moved to the village to take care of his sister, he has not given up on his desire to overthrow the Romans, and he has not renounced his allegiance to Rosh. He begins to build a band of young men in the village who will work in conjunction with Rosh. His first recruits are Nathan, Joel, and Kemuel. As they discuss recruiting additional members, they realize they can only take in people they can trust. When Nathan suggests they brand themselves to show they are all part of the group, Kemuel reminds them that making marks on their bodies is forbidden in the law. Joel then suggests that they "carry the sign of the bow in our minds." They will use the bow of bronze--a symbol Joel and Daniel have already claimed as representing God's victory--as their password. They agree and begin to use their code word to build solidarity among themselves. It gives them "pride and pleasure." Eventually the group grows to 21 boys who all crowd into Daniel's smithy--all committed to throwing off Roman oppression.

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