In the novel The Bronze Bow, what does Hezron say is stronger than all the power in Rome?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 5, Daniel gets permission from Rosh to travel to Capernaum to recruit Joel to join Rosh's band. Daniel visits Joel's beautiful home in the middle of the city and is invited to have dinner with his family. During dinner, Daniel expresses his hate and bitterness towards the Romans in front of Joel's father, Hezron. Hezron scolds Daniel for openly criticizing the Romans and tells him that he must learn to keep his thoughts to himself. Hezron then explains to Daniel that the Zealots do not take into account the numerous troops and massive force that Rome possesses. Hezron proceeds to tell Daniel that Israel has one great strength mightier than Rome: "the Law, given to Moses and our fathers" (68). Hezron believes the Law will remain even after the Roman Empire is reduced to nothing and that the Jews must remain loyal to the Law.