In The Bronze Bow, what does Daniel expect to lose by freeing Joel? What does he actually lose?

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rmhope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daniel expects that he may lose his life in the effort to free Joel. He is going to be the one to get close enough to break Joel's chain because "that's a blacksmith's job." After instructing Nathan how to help Joel up the face of the rock, Daniel answers Nathan's question, "How do you get back?" He tells Nathan that he will pull him up, but he "had no real expectation that he would get back up the bank." This means Daniel is ready to risk his life to save Joel, and he believes it could really happen. However, what really happens is that Nathan and Samson die in the ensuing battle. Samson has been following Daniel and the group of 19 others in secret. Samson pushes a great rock down on the line of soldiers, creating an opportunity for Daniel to nearly free Joel. However, a battle ensues, and Daniel blacks out. When he awakes, he and Joel are alive, but he learns Nathan was killed and Samson was severely injured and captured by the Romans. In addition to losing his two friends, Daniel also loses his naive confidence. He realizes that overcoming the might of Rome will take more than his own zeal. If it had not been for Samson's intervention, both Daniel and Joel would probably have died.

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