What three things that amaze Daniel does Leah know how to do?

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 11, Daniel and his sister, Leah, move to Simon's house, which is directly connected to the shop Daniel will work in. Both the house and the shop belong to Simon, who has asked Daniel to continue as blacksmith in his place while he (Simon) is away.

As Daniel works at his trade each day, Leah sits in the doorway to watch her brother. As time progresses, Daniel is worried about Leah's seeming idleness. He gets a great shock, however, when the servant of a wealthy widow manages to track Leah down. Apparently, this servant's mistress would purchase all the fine cloth woven by Leah in previous years. He is obviously relieved to have finally found Leah again, but Daniel is surprised that his sister can weave such delicately beautiful cloth and that she is skilled beyond his preconceived assessments of her abilities.

One morning, Daniel tries to bake some bread for the two of them when business is slow. He finds himself struggling, until Leah comes along and takes the dough from him. She masterfully works the dough and prepares it for the oven. Leah also teaches Daniel to save a bit of leavening for another day's baking. The bread turns out to be delicious, and Daniel is surprised that Leah knows how to bake as well as she does.

Another surprise awaits Daniel when he tries to work the garden behind Simon's house. It isn't long before Leah comes along to help. She tells her brother that he is unknowingly pulling up vegetables as well as weeds. Seeing her enthusiasm, Daniel is ecstatic when Leah continues to work in the garden day after day. He thinks that he can now concentrate on his trade, while Leah takes care of the household chores. Yet, despite his gratitude for these new revelations about his sister, he realizes with a pang that he has misjudged his sister for a long time and underestimated her capacity to understand the intricacies of daily living.