In The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare, why does Daniel walk away from Jesus at the beach?

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In Chapter 5, Daniel travels to Capernaum, where he sees a crowd gathering near the harbor. Daniel walks towards the harbor, where a woman feeds him and tells him that people are gathering to hear the teacher. Daniel then turns toward the man who is preaching and listens as Jesus speaks about the kingdom of heaven. Daniel is enthralled with Jesus' presence and speaking abilities, until he is distracted by the clinking of metal. When Daniel turns around, he sees two Roman soldiers standing in the crowd. Daniel is disgusted at the sight of the soldiers and immediately spits at the ground. Despite the soldier's presence, Jesus continues to preach as Daniel becomes increasingly angry. Outraged, Daniel turns around and leaves the crowd. Daniel's hate and bitterness towards the Roman soldiers make him leave Jesus' sermon. He is also upset that Jesus did not ridicule the soldiers and allowed them to listen to him as he preached.

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