In The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare, how does Daniel describe Jesus?

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In Chapter 4, when Daniel sees Jesus for the first time, he mentions that his figure was "not in any way arresting" and that he could see from Jesus' arms and shoulders that he had worked hard labor as a child. Daniel says, "He was not regal or commanding" (Speare 46). When Jesus turns and faces the crowd, Daniel is startled. Daniel mentions that his face was vital and radiant. Daniel notices that Jesus' face burned with the intensity of the spirit. When he hears Jesus speak, Daniel feels a certain gentleness and promise in Jesus' voice. When Daniel sees Jesus preaching to the fishermen at the shore, he mentions that Jesus looks vigorous, confident, and happy. Although Jesus is not physically imposing, Daniel says, "The impression of strength came from an extraordinary vitality that seemed to pulse in the very air around him" (Speare 57). In Chapter 8, Daniel speaks to Jesus and notices that Jesus' eyes are filled with light and warmth. Jesus clearly has a mystical, commanding presence that attracts so many followers, including Daniel. Although he appears to look like a typical carpenter, his confidence and passion are evident in his gaze and speech.

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