In The Bronze Bow, how are Leah and Samson similar characters?

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Throughout The Bronze Bow, Samson and Leah have several similarities. Both individuals are loyal, innocent, and talented. Samson not only obeys Daniel, but also helps and protects him throughout the story. Leah also respects her older brother and follows his instructions. Both characters value and appreciate Daniel. Samson and Leah are both considered outsiders in their respective environments. Leah does not leave her home and is afraid to be in public. Her reclusive nature and demonic fits give her a negative reputation throughout the community. Leah's neighbors pity her and think she is strange. Similarly, Samson is viewed as an outcast in Rosh's band. The members of Rosh's band make fun of Samson and continually ridicule him for being silent. Also, both Samson and Leah have talents that are admired throughout the story. Samson's impressive strength allows Rosh's band to get more work done, and Leah makes beautiful garments on her loom that she sells for profit.

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