In the Bronze Bow, how did God slowly draw Daniel to Him?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Throughout the novel, Daniel's friends, in particular, Simon, promote the teachings of Jesus and encourage Daniel to travel and watch Jesus preach. When Daniel first hears Jesus preach, he is instinctually drawn to him. Daniel doesn't fully understand Jesus' messages and is indifferent about Jesus' tolerant attitude towards the Romans. In Chapter 15, Daniel begins to routinely travel to Capernaum to listen to Jesus preach, and even visits Jesus at night to watch him heal people. Jesus' messages resonate with Daniel and give him a sense of inner peace. Daniel begins to enjoy his life and his relationship with his sister grows. As the novel progresses, Daniel is unable to fully accept Jesus' message and continually reverts back to seeking vengeance. Daniel loses his respect and trust in Rosh, and his bitterness stops him from pursuing Thacia and developing a positive relationship with his sister. God lets Daniel attempt to solve his own problems by himself, and watches as Daniel fails. Jesus offers Daniel the free gift of love and encourages Daniel to rid himself of hate, but Daniel refuses. As Daniel's life crumbles around him, he looks to God for answers. Daniel finally humbles himself and realizes that love is the only answer. Daniel openly accepts Jesus and Thacia's offers of love, and Daniel puts his trust in the Lord.