In The Bronze Bow, how does Daniel feel when he first meets Jesus at Simon's house?

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When Daniel first hears Jesus preach, he believes that Jesus is a born leader, a man who can ignite the spark of revolution against the Romans. Daniel is confused when the spark is never born; Jesus teaches peace and love instead of rebellion. When Daniel finally meets Jesus, this is thrown into sharp focus; Daniel's hate is overwhelmed by the love he receives:

Filled with fight and warmth, those eyes, welcoming him with friendship, yet searching too, disturbing, demanding.

"I am glad you have come," Jesus said. Daniel could say nothing at all. For a moment he was afraid. Only when the man turned away and his eyes no longer held his own, could he breathe freely again.
(Speare, The Bronze Bow, Google Books)

Coming on the heels of Daniel's heart being opened to love by Thacia, and his mind opened to different ideals by Simon, this is the first major crack in his personal philosophy. Daniel has been driven by hate for so long that he doesn't understand how a person could love anyone else, least of all him. Since Jesus has no judgement in his own heart, and since Jesus looks on Daniel -- as he does on everyone -- as a beloved child of God, Daniel is confused and bewildered. It is only later that Daniel recognizes this and accepts it into his own heart, holding out friendship to a Roman just as Jesus held it out to Daniel.

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