In The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare, who is the narrator?

Expert Answers
gracerankin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Bronze Bow centers on Daniel bar Jamin, a young Galilean boy growing up during the time Jesus was on the earth.

This story is told in third person, which means the narrator is an observer, and not necessarily a character in the story (see this breakdown of narrator types). However, the narrator here is an omniscient observer, since he/she knows Daniel’s inner thoughts and feelings (The Narrator). 

So in this case, the narrator is technically an unnamed observer. However, you could say that Daniel is the narrator in a sense, since the entire book is told from his perspective, and the reader has complete access to his emotions, thoughts, struggles, and beliefs—which would not be the case unless you were inside the person’s head, or unless he sat down and told you every thought he had.

But to be completely accurate, you would say that the narrator is an omniscient observer. 

This site goes into detail about seven different types of narrators in a story, and this one mentioned earlier breaks down first, second, and third person narrators.