The Bronze Bow Questions and Answers
by Elizabeth George Speare

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The Bronze Bow: Chapter 5 summary

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With the harvest season of Nisan drawing to a close, Daniel becomes impatient to take the fight to the Romans. He doesn't understand why Rosh lingers in the mountains, giving everyone seemingly menial tasks.

As he broods, Daniel remembers Joel bar Hezron, the young man who climbed up to the mountain stronghold with his sister, Thacia. He thinks that Joel would be willing to join Rosh's band of soldiers if he has another chance. Buoyed with hope, he requests Rosh's permission to seek out Joel in Capernaum. The leader of the Zealots is skeptical, but consents to let Daniel go.

As Daniel enters the city, he is greeted by strange and wonderful sights. He marvels over the abundant produce in the marketplace, the ships in the harbor, and most of all, the day's catch the fishermen are bringing in. A young woman offers him some freshly cooked fish for his breakfast and tells him that everyone is waiting for the carpenter teacher. When Daniel sees Jesus, he is fascinated by the preacher's aura of...

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