In Chapter 13 of The Bronze Bow, why does Daniel visit the cave?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is actually in Chapter 14 that Daniel returns to the cave.

Daniel has been living in the village so that he can care for his sister Leah now that their grandmother has died. He had not wanted to leave Rosh and his band, but had had no choice. For weeks he had managed to sublimate his desire to return to the cave, having "been able to deal with his restlessness, push it down out of sight, hammer it out with great blows on the anvil." A conversation with Leah rekindles his burning desire to return to the mountain; his longing "seize(s) him with the strength of a hundred demons." Leah, in her innocent way, asks Daniel what a wedding is, if the soldier who comes to the shop is a Roman, and if he is, if he is their master. Leah's queries remind Daniel of his intense hatred of the Romans, who killed his father and caused the death of his mother, leaving Leah traumatized and unable to function in the everyday world. He is obsessed once again with a longing for vengeance, and, telling Leah brusquely that he will be away that night, heads towards the hills and the cave that houses Rosh and his rebel band (Chapter 14).