In Chapter 11 of The Bronze Bow, what is Leah's most valuable possession?

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hello! In Chapter 11 of The Bronze Bow, we read that Daniel will be taking over Simon the Zealot's business while Simon leaves to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Simon generously offers Daniel his house so that he and his sister, Leah, can be together. Because the shop is connected to the house, it will be easier for Daniel to keep an eye out for Leah, who is mentally unstable.

Leah is initially reluctant to leave; when Daniel opens the door of their house and tries to coax her outside, she is afraid, shrinking from the sunlight as though it were a sword, and cowering from the neighbors. In the end, an aged carpenter who lives a little down the road builds Simon's sister a litter (a  vehicle without wheels, powered by human energy, usually for the transportation of important dignitaries). After answering a few more questions from Leah, Daniel tenderly carries his sister into the litter and draws the curtains. He walks behind the litter, leading their small goat and carrying all their possessions in a sack. A young neighbor boy carries the loom, the only valuable thing Leah possesses.

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