In Chapter 17 of The Bronze Bow, what weapons were used in the attack on the Romans?"

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 17, Rosh and his men wage a sort of guerrila war against the Romans; the attacks against the occupying army are small and furtive.  Joel, who is posing as a fish peddler, serves as a spy, procuring information about shipments of goods that are to be delivered, and houses of the wealthy which might be left unguarded.  Rosh sends bands of men to attack and rob, and because of the nature of the raids, the weapons used are rudimentary, often no more sophisticated than astute intelligence and cunning.  The bandits delight in harassing the Romans in seemingly insignificant but annoying ways;

a pilfered bit of Roman equipment, a spur, a leather gauntlet, (are) a prize worth risking one's neck for.

One of the most notable attacks upon the Romans is undertaken by Daniel's group of eager but untrained recruits.  These young men dismantle a catapult left overnight on the road using only "files from the shop, chisels, and mallets" as weapons (Chapter 17).

The only direct assault against the Romans during this time occurs in Chapter 19, and is led, not by Rosh, but by Daniel, in a desperate attempt to secure the release of Joel, who has been captured and is being taken away in chains.  The fighers have few real weapons at their disposal, mainly stones, and "a very few...spears and daggers."  Without the brave sacrifice of Samson, who gives his life in the endeavor, the boys would have been hopelessly outmatched by the Romans (Chapters 18-19).