Bring out the Renaissance elements in Edward II by Christopher Marlowe.

bandana | Student

The Elizabethan age in England( 1533 - 1603),saw the flowering of the Renaissance elements which had taken root in Europe since 1453,with the fall of Constantinople.Of these mention must be made of the abundance of Greek and Latin learnings which we find at the beginning of the play Edward II when Gaveston thinks of enacting the pageant of Diana and Acteon before the king.There are also references to Hero and Leander,Frantic Juno,Phaeton who drove too high the Sun's chariot.There are also fine specimens of Renaissance men- courtiers,ambitious over reachers,murderers like Lightborn who has taken the act of murdering to the height of an art ,and Machiavellian characters with cold icy intellect who has the will to power and can take the turning of the Fortune's Wheel with calm resignation like Young Mortimer.Above all are King Edward II and Queen Isabella,the royal couple,who are examples of the ruling class during the English Renaissance-persons with deep lust for power.It remains to say that like the sonnet the full length drama was also a fruit of the Renaissance which Marlowe brings to perfection in his Five Act tragedy Edward II.