Bring out the points of similarity and difference between Wordsworth and Coleridge as romantic poets.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that the primary similarity is that both poets embody many tenets of the Romantic mode of composition.  They both valued the subjectively emotional and personal experience.  Both of them also felt that the construction of art suffused with an affect point of view is of vital importance for both the artist and the reader.  I think that a significant divergence is that Wordsworth was more concerned with what seems to be a philosophical expression of what Romanticism was through literature.  Coleridge certainly feels this is important, as well, but I feel that Wordsworth devoted more works that help to better understand this particular philosophical expression of consciousness.  I would also suggest that the role of nature is one that might be different between them.  For Wordsworth, the role of nature is one that is more akin to being able to express aspects of one's reality that can be seen in the most simple of things.  A field of daffodils or the singing of a maiden's song in a pasture of grain contained aspects that one could use to explore one's own sense of self.  Colerdige depicted nature in a more supernatural or "other worldly" manner.

maxchenchenchen | Student
In the application of language: Wordsworth holds poetry should absorb the simplicity and commonness applied by the common people, which he thinks could more expressively dsiplay the essence of poetic language. While for coleridge, the language or choice of diction from the ordinary people, which is the colloquial mixing of corse and lacking of decorated words, could not be fully adapted to poetic diction.